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Friday, June 16, 2006

Joe Liberman is stupid

What the fuck is this?

Bears? Bear cubs? This reminds me of one of the Reagan debates where he goes off telling some story about a bear. He was rambling like a drunken Charles and eventually got cut off. Mondale couldn't reply, he just sat there dazed, probably in terror that this incoherent loon had his finger on the nuke button. Reagan did a TV ad too, again with the bears.
"Well, bears never forget"
"One thing about cubs; they always do what they are told."

Isn't that elephants and I don't know, Arlen Spector? I know I could never serve in the House because those guys are serious idiots. Just being around them would be agonizing. But I always thought the Senate had a little higher level of intelligence. I was wrong.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Pretty Arlen

This is always how it ends. The whore who thinks they are going to go respectable and proper. Gonna name names. Gonna rise above it all. They are better than this. All Pretty Woman and stuff.

No, Arlen, no you are not. You are a fucking whore. You are Dick Cheney's bitch. Just take a deep breath and say it. That is your lot in life. Accept it. Anything else is just pride fucking with you. You ain't Julia Roberts and Dick Cheney sure as hell isn't Richard Gere. This is no Hollywood movie.

So, you just better stop the nonsense, the bullshit denails, the lies. If you keep this up, you are gonna end up in a dumpster behind the Dennys with your face all shot up. You are Dick's bitch. Suck the dicks and deliver the votes just like Dick wants them.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Glad to hear he was religious

Now I lay me down to sleep.
I pray to God to snap the neck of this cop.
And if I punch him in the face some too.
Go Penn State - Whoooooooo.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Closing Rank

If you work for Duke, you gotta toe the company line.
James Coleman said Monday that statements by defense lawyers have caused him to
question the impartiality of District Attorney Mike Nifong.

Really, he listened to the defense lawyers and came to this conclusion. That is some fancy lawyering you are doing. I mean, the defense lawyers are just interested in the truth coming out. They have no dog in the fight at all.

I don't know if anyone was raped at that party, but I know this much, no one is getting convicted. That has nothing to do with the facts of the case, however.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Love Notes

Our pal Arlen Spector appears to be upset that the Vice President went behind his back talking to other taliban members about how the judiciary comittee was not going to do a damn thing unless the President wanted it done. Alren is very sensitive. I think Dick also made fun of Arlen's name and Arlen couldn't sit with the cool kids at lunch. Arlen was so upset, he sent Dick a note.

Fortunately, we here at After Magrite were able to get a copy of Dick Cheney’s response to letter. See Below:
Is Dick Cheney gonna have to choke a bitch??

Seriously. Arlen. I don’t want to have to go all Ike Turner on your scrawny ass, but don’t think I won’t. Who the fuck do you think you are? You are some bitch senator. I am Dick Fucking Chaney. My shits have more more guts than you. Don’t forget, I shot a man in the face for a lot less than this shit. Seriously, who the fuck do you think you are?

You have never seen balls like mine. I know, I took yours 6 years ago. Tiny shriveled raisins, but not even the good ones, the crappy yellow ones. Don’t think about growing a pair any time soon. I may walk my ass over to the Capitol right now and choke the fucking life out of you.

Fucking hos.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Libertarian Dems

Read this on Kos and I don't think I agree with him. It may be an effective election strategy, but to me this is hollow. The idea that the government's duty is to stay out of your business and protect you from corporations is just not compelling to me. This is just a very small idea. Now it sounds great today - with the insane government we have. But is that what we really want -- Republicans without anti masterbation laws. What do the Libertarian Dems do about Katrina - or the crushing poverty that exists in places like New Orleans? What do Libertarian Dems do about healthcare or social security? Jack shit.

Give me an FDR. Not Reagan lite. If you can't win on an FDR platform, fuck it, the country is too far gone.


I would like to thank the Red Hot Chili Peppers for the post title. California does inspire lots of music. Quick shout out to TuPac for his California Love as well. Can’t forget Dre’s work on that. The D-R-E, a straight G, on a robbin’ spree.

The CA election was over; CA-50 went Republican, despite the Dukester. Ugh. First, it was not really that close, which makes me nervous because lots of liberal blogs etc. had it closer than it ended up. I worry that the perception that the country is gaining some sense is only one I have from where I spend my time. It is also very disturbing my team-ism for the voters of CA-50. The republican congressman got 8 years. That wasn’t enough for the party to lose the seat. Kos blames Busby for not being progressive enough and that the key is to mobilize the base. Not sure I agree. I am not sure how much of that is pandering to special interests. Also, I am sick of hearing about the base deciding to stay home. Am I supposed to accept that there were all these hard core progressives in San Diego who thought that it would be better for a republican to have the seat? It wasn’t worth it for them to vote? If that is so, we should all just go the fuck home because our team sucks. Our democracy is pretty fucked up.

Not as fucked up as my voting experience last night however. The whole cast of characters was there. We had totally ineffectual professor-type guy in charge. We had the angry woman getting into it with the librarian type who checks your name off the list. She was registered as peace and freedom and then wanted a Democratic ballot, which she couldn’t have. Then stormed out without voting. She was bat-shit insane. Then you have the homeless guy sleeping outside the bathrooms and the poor woman who wanted to use them. Ineffectual professor guy said he couldn’t keep an eye on the homeless guy while she was in the can. We also had the woman who cannot follow any instructions. The rules are for everyone else. She signed in, and then went back to her car for some reason. When she returned, she got herself ahead of this other woman – who was following instructions – claiming she was there first. So she goes to vote and, of course takes the other woman’s ballot. That takes 10 minutes to resolve. The polling place has 3 little cardboard booths. In California, we used to punch holes – but there were hanging chads. Then we did touch screens – but they had no paper trail. Now we use felt markers. Yes, I had to wait for a marker. Next year we will do our ballots with beads and felt. Wheels of democracy.

You have to excuse my bitterness as the main event in this election was between two serious douches. Westly and Angeledies spent the whole time attacking each other over really, really stupid shit. These guys are losers. That is all I can say. They are losers with no ideas. None. The kind of jagoffs who run for class treasurer in 6th grade and think it shows leadership. How the dominant party in one of the 10 largest economies in the world came up with these two, I will never know. Kos seemed to think and Angeledes was a tried and true progressive. Not sure what that means even. I do know this Angeldedss was Davis’s treasurer. Look at our credit rating and you will know all you need to know about him.

If the taliban ever really understood what happened in California and how Davis blew it here, and crafted a message they could sell to the rest of the county, the Dems would be competing for dogcatcher in Joliet, IL and that’s about it. Davis spent the surplus with no foresight into the fact that the bubble was going to burst. This expenditure bought very little for the average citizen of California. He did, however, reward many of his union supporters - say the Prison Guards. These long term deals continue to fuck the state's budget. He couldn’t have fucked up the energy thing more if he was trying to. He was not competent to govern. It is not that he was dull. Not that he was boring. Gray Davis was not smart enough to be the governor. Now his Treasurer wants to be governor. Crap on a stick. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to vote for him because of Arnold.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More Baltic Ave than Broadway

I am posting this from work as despite the fact that I pay AT&T over $50 bucks a month, I currently have no phone or internet at home. The service guy (who claims the problem is not on their end, but on my end) can’t get there until 12-4 on Wed. Needless to say, I am filled with the white hot rage that you can feel in your gut. The kind of rage that colors everything you do that day. There can be no joy today, only rage.

What truly burns is the impotence of it. I have no choice but to have AT&T fucking me. They are the big cellmate who doesn’t lube up. My cable company sucks ass and I would need to get the house seriously rewired to do cable internet. So, I bend over and take it. Monopolies suck. My very expensive internet access is not reliable at all. I am constantly unplugging everything and waiting 10 minutes. This has happened before (where I had no phone over Memorial Day Weekend – that was fun) and the guy comes out and there is a problem at the pole. AT&T will deny the problem at the pole like Tom Freidman talks about Iraq. It is always a problem at the pole. They are just wires in the house. There in no problem in the house. Stop yammering about problems in the fucking house.

Calling AT&T or worse, looking at their website is even worse. There is no pretense. The phone system and the website are designed with only 1 thing in mind – making sure you do not talk to a person. That is too expensive.

So I would like to thank our idiot government, FCC and PUC for making a shitty monopoly out of the people who own the wire to my house.


“Please accept this, my feces, in lieu of payment. “

Monday, June 05, 2006

Senator Blutarsky

Duke president Broadhead has announced that the Duke lacross team will be back next year. Apparently, they will be on double secret probation. Glad to hear that. Wouldn't want them to get out of control.

Apparently the players had to sign a mission statement. Google can not find a copy, which is too bad, because it must be hysterical. I guess without a mission statement, Duke undergraduates would assume it is OK to yell racial epithets at people and to threaten to skin black strippers. Glad the university cleared this up. An infraction could lead to a warning and community service. So, no burning crosses in anyone's front yard, or there could be a warning. And I mean it.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I Can Smell It

Fortunately, I do not live in Pennsylvania. I don’t know what those poor people have done to deserve their senators. First there is dog-on-man-boy. At least he isn’t around much. Then you have Arlen. Arlen may be the worst of all. See, he likes to pretend he isn’t one of those guys in Alabama wearing the sheets and screaming about the gays under the bed. But he is worse. He voted for this total crap gay bashing amendment to get to the Senate floor to rally the wackjobs. Then he has the gall to say that he opposes it – but it deserves a vote on the floor. It is a totally transparent stunt. The media took a break from making love to their wives to let us know this.

Arlen, you have been a complete failure are a protector of the constitution. You are the lapdog of a president who cannot possibly respect you. I don’t know who could. A president with approval ratings in the 30’s has bullied you on the NSA wiretapping, NSA databases, FISA, Torture and pretty much the relevance of congress. I wonder if George could get Jenna on the Supreme Court. Hell, James Dobson has more of a say on the Supreme Court than you do. We all know he was the one who nixed Miers.

Back to the base-rallying stunt. You realize that this will hurt real people. This emboldens those who will attack gay people. It legitimizes them. Fred Phelps appreciates your support. Why don’t you do a fundraiser with him? Don’t give me any of this bullshit how you don’t support it. You enable it. You slap the shiny senate seal of approval on it. From not totally redneck PA, no less.

You and Sam Alito make quite the pair. Sam didn’t really think there were too many blacks at Princeton – he just wanted a job in the Reagan Justice Department. So, what are you selling your soul for? Did Karl pat you on the head? Maybe you'll get to go hunting with Dick.

The rabid wackjobs who support this shit have no soul. You, Arlen, you might have had one, but you didn’t sell it. One night, you just choked it to death. Squeezed the life out of it. In the GOP, you had to do it to get where you are today (just like Sam). Here is the downside. After the soul dies, it starts to rot. The stink of death is all over you. Anyone with a soul can see it. Children fear you. Your eyes are dead, Arlen. I can smell the rot.


Josh nailed it with this one.

"I am a strong supporter of the First Amendment, the Fourth Amendment and civil liberties," Senator Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) remarked at yesterday's Hayden confirmation hearings, "but you have no civil liberties if you are dead." . . . First off is the sheer cowardice of it.

Give me liberty or give me Death You would think that some democrat would remember that quote. Patrick Henry gave a great speech. I is tragic that our leaders today have none of the eloquence or sack of our forefathers.

Cowards who live in fear. And fear is the worst thing of all.

Reagan Democrats

Let me just say one thing to all you Reagan Democrats out there. Go fuck yourselves. I am tired. I am so tired of having to listen to you whine on TPM about being in reddish states and that you can’t run on certain positions on “Hot-button” issues. Considering the Dems stand for next to nothing today, that could only mean one of a few things: Abortions, Gays, Blacks and the Grand Iraq Adventure.

So, the rest of us, in places like California and New York (you know the ones with all the people and the economies) have to swallow our values so that the toothless hillbillies in dumbfuckistan don’t get riled up. Cletus, there’s a fag under the bed!! Get yer gun. Screw that. I would rather take my 7th largest economy and go home. We only get 92% of our federal taxes back. What the hell do the rest of you bring to the table anyway?

Look, you stand for something or you don’t. That is it. I am in this for the long haul. Electing some god-awful Republican Light is not going to solve the country’s problems. All it will do is get your ass kicked 4 years later. And spare me the Massachusetts liberal crap. God help us if we can’t look past where someone comes from. What’s next, Sunni’s and Shiites? Are you saying that the northeast can’t ever have a candidate again? Do I have to name them all for you? Since Kennedy, we have had 2 from MA (and 1 of those was a total sacrificial lamb) and 2 from MN. More from Arkansas than NY and CA combined! Must I endure the hideous spectacle of Ivy League men pretending to be ranch hands every four years for the rest of my days?

Let’s be honest here. I think Hillary’s baggage is too great to run. But how much of it is Hillary and how much is that she is a woman? What about Obama? Will the red states let us run him? Robert Byrd would be OK, though? Just wanted to be clear on this.

I am sorry, but I want better. I still want to win on ideas and values. Ours our better. And just maybe if our tactics were, say, competent, we could win. I know it is not all ideas and values, but that doesn’t mean we shift with the wind.

The list of Reagan’s evils is too long to list in this space. I will say this much, to tie his name to the Democratic Party in any way is to kill the party. His presidency was based on division and turning the poor and unfortunate into the enemy. He is diametrically opposed to what I think the Democrats (Roosevelt’s party) stand for. Welfare queens and trickle down economics. Crap on a fucking stick.