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We sold our souls for $300.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ok, after reading this, please tell me how anyone, anywhere could vote for these douchebags. 106 Billion in Tax Cuts and cutting student loans and my personal favorate - enforcement of child support payments. Now, even the kookiest of libertarians would argue that the government should be in the law-enforcement business. I guess that they found all the deadbeat dads out there. How do these people look at themselves in the mirror each day? The Bridge to nowhere still lives, but student loans gotta go.

Shit, we need some fiscal sanity in this country, but these tax cuts are totally irresponsible. I could even get behind a 1% cut accross the board - government needs the money, tighten the belt everyone - that means you too Pentagon.

But what truly sucks is that at budget cutting time, if you don't have a lobbyist, you are screwed. Every time, every time, the GOP will balance the budget on the backs of those who didn't lobby enough - poor people and children.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I love the BCS

This will be the most controversial thing I ever post here, but I love the BCS. There is much weeping and gnashing of teeth that Texas has passed USC in the BCS this week. I love it.

First, I have to say that I generally do not like college sports. Anyone who tells you that there is more passion or honesty or genuine-ness in college sports is full of shit. Unless they are talking about Division III women’s archery. And even then, half of them are probably wacked out on roids. College sports is based on cheating. The fact that everyone cheats does not make it all better, it makes it 1,000 times worse. The best part are the ESPN asshats who go on and on about this coach and that program (who are all cheating). They never end fellating these coaches. Then once a year, SI will put something out showing how this great coach graduates like 5% of his players. College sports is just pro sports, but the players get paid less.

The big reason why I love the BCS is that everyone hates it. And if everyone hates it, there must be something good about it. I love how everyone’s panties get in a bunch because “there needs to be a national champion” or “the champion needs to be determined on the field” Why? What the fuck does it matter? Who won the Super Bowl in 2002? Does it matter? Players smacking around their wives – that matters, players killing people driving drunk – that matters, douchebag owners extorting money from the local communities for stadiums – that matters. Who won some championship – makes no difference to anyone but the participants. So why so much ink on the BCS and nothing on all this other stuff?

More to come.

A Very Merry Ftizmas

I am not sure what to call the whole Valerie Plame affair. Plame-gate, Treason-gate are not quite right. And I am sick of the whole –gate thing. I do like the term Fitzmas (thanks Kos), but that will not be what we call this in 2025. Actually, by 2025, we will call it whatever Plame-gate is in Mandarin. Fucking new overloards.

My fear, however, is that this Fitzmas, I will get really exciting indictments of the vice president, Scooter, Rove, but after a while they will just lose some luster and by 2006 be in a closet gathering dust. I was thinking that:

10% of the country votes based on not liking blacks (Southern Strategy??)
10% of the country does not really like gay folks.
10% of the country is still pissed at Jane Fonda.
10% of the country votes GOP based on abortion.
10% of the country only cares about their $300 tax cut.

Now there is some overlap, but you see where this is going. About ½ the country votes GOP no matter what. Hell, we all remember 2004. So, even with half the GOP under indictment for treason, about ½ the country is going to pull that GOP lever in 2006 and 2008.

A small part of me has hope that the above math is wrong. But I am not super optimistic. It makes me sad. (I'm a sad panda) I love this country and I want to love the people who live here, but 11/2/04 stings. It stings like a bitch.

On a side note, aren’t we due for an elevation in the terror alter to Dusty Rose or Brown Umbria any day now?

Monday, October 24, 2005

First Real Post - Greetings and Salutations

What is this about? Its really a random collection of thoughts, rants, and things that pop into my head. A celebration of the absurd. Some politics, some sports, some media, some healthy release of rage – much of it directed at fratboys and republicans. And a lot of horrific spelling. It will be awful.

Only 3 shopping days until Fitzmas!!!