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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Very Merry Ftizmas

I am not sure what to call the whole Valerie Plame affair. Plame-gate, Treason-gate are not quite right. And I am sick of the whole –gate thing. I do like the term Fitzmas (thanks Kos), but that will not be what we call this in 2025. Actually, by 2025, we will call it whatever Plame-gate is in Mandarin. Fucking new overloards.

My fear, however, is that this Fitzmas, I will get really exciting indictments of the vice president, Scooter, Rove, but after a while they will just lose some luster and by 2006 be in a closet gathering dust. I was thinking that:

10% of the country votes based on not liking blacks (Southern Strategy??)
10% of the country does not really like gay folks.
10% of the country is still pissed at Jane Fonda.
10% of the country votes GOP based on abortion.
10% of the country only cares about their $300 tax cut.

Now there is some overlap, but you see where this is going. About ½ the country votes GOP no matter what. Hell, we all remember 2004. So, even with half the GOP under indictment for treason, about ½ the country is going to pull that GOP lever in 2006 and 2008.

A small part of me has hope that the above math is wrong. But I am not super optimistic. It makes me sad. (I'm a sad panda) I love this country and I want to love the people who live here, but 11/2/04 stings. It stings like a bitch.

On a side note, aren’t we due for an elevation in the terror alter to Dusty Rose or Brown Umbria any day now?


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