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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Rage Against the Machine

Was never a huge fan of the music, but this may be the best band name ever. See, I am so tired of being ass-fucked. It is not a loving, sensual ass-fuck, it is more the prison rape variety -- be it Comcast, or AT&T/SBC/Whoever or some airline or Dartalk or the city of Oakland.

The Ass-fuck of the Day (AFOTD) goes to AC transit, whose bus ate my $35 pass. After 15 minutes of trying to get the pass out, they give up and hand me a form to return to the cashier for a new pass. When said form goes to cashier, she tells me that they will contact me in a few weeks!?! I tell her that sucks and it means I need to buy a new pass and why can’t she just hand me the damn thing. She just stares at me, silently. Yep, I am getting ass fucked and there is nothing I can do about it.

See that is the thing about ass-fucking. The $35 is a bit of a shackle, but that is not that big a deal. The powerlessness of it is what gets me. There is not a damn thing I can do. That just riles up the rage.