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Thursday, June 01, 2006

I Can Smell It

Fortunately, I do not live in Pennsylvania. I don’t know what those poor people have done to deserve their senators. First there is dog-on-man-boy. At least he isn’t around much. Then you have Arlen. Arlen may be the worst of all. See, he likes to pretend he isn’t one of those guys in Alabama wearing the sheets and screaming about the gays under the bed. But he is worse. He voted for this total crap gay bashing amendment to get to the Senate floor to rally the wackjobs. Then he has the gall to say that he opposes it – but it deserves a vote on the floor. It is a totally transparent stunt. The media took a break from making love to their wives to let us know this.

Arlen, you have been a complete failure are a protector of the constitution. You are the lapdog of a president who cannot possibly respect you. I don’t know who could. A president with approval ratings in the 30’s has bullied you on the NSA wiretapping, NSA databases, FISA, Torture and pretty much the relevance of congress. I wonder if George could get Jenna on the Supreme Court. Hell, James Dobson has more of a say on the Supreme Court than you do. We all know he was the one who nixed Miers.

Back to the base-rallying stunt. You realize that this will hurt real people. This emboldens those who will attack gay people. It legitimizes them. Fred Phelps appreciates your support. Why don’t you do a fundraiser with him? Don’t give me any of this bullshit how you don’t support it. You enable it. You slap the shiny senate seal of approval on it. From not totally redneck PA, no less.

You and Sam Alito make quite the pair. Sam didn’t really think there were too many blacks at Princeton – he just wanted a job in the Reagan Justice Department. So, what are you selling your soul for? Did Karl pat you on the head? Maybe you'll get to go hunting with Dick.

The rabid wackjobs who support this shit have no soul. You, Arlen, you might have had one, but you didn’t sell it. One night, you just choked it to death. Squeezed the life out of it. In the GOP, you had to do it to get where you are today (just like Sam). Here is the downside. After the soul dies, it starts to rot. The stink of death is all over you. Anyone with a soul can see it. Children fear you. Your eyes are dead, Arlen. I can smell the rot.


Blogger Vanilla Bullshit said...

I hate Arlen Specter.

Santorum is going to get waxed. People understand what a open whack job that guy is, and his whole not-living in Pennsylvania thing has finally blossomed into a full-fledged disaster for him. And it is going to be huge schadenfreude when he gets beat by 20-30 points.

But Specter is one of those guys who is going to get an insane amount of bipartisan praise when he finally retires. You nailed it brilliantly - he is a shitbag. But he will still get all that praise from everyone, because what matters in Washington is being the best insider club member. And Specter is nothing if not a Senate clubmaster.

He was the guy who came out and "took a stand" on Hayden, and turned right around and confirmed him. Specter is despicable because he has only one constituent - himself.

1:10 AM  
Blogger TubaOnFire said...

What pisses me off so much about the Democrats is how they will play nice in the club. But when push comes to shove, the GOP will attack and the Dems sit around farting - wonder what the hell happened. I figured that is what Pelosi was for. She can't lose her seat, so she is the ideal person to be the attack dog. If there is any backlash, who cares.

9:15 AM  
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