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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Fight the Power

Another day at the office
Elvis was a hero to most(3x)But he never meant, shit to me you seeStraight up
racist that sucker wasSimple and plainMother fuck him and John WayneCause I'm
Black and I'm proudI'm ready and hyped plus I'm ampedMost of my heroes don't
appear on no stampsSample a look back you look and findNothing but rednecks for
400 years if you checkDon't worry be happyWas a number one jamDamn if I say it
you can slap me right here(Get it) lets get this party started rightRight on,
c'monWhat we got to sayPower to the people no delayMake everybody seeIn order to
fight the powers that be

More to come on NSA spying as this is actually something I have some background on.

Sadly, the original artist of the above is now the Flavor of Love.

Update: I have some guy calling me a scruffy hippie on his blog. He seems to talk a lot about things he has no knowledge of, as I 1) am not that scruffy and 2) do not do Google's dirty work and 3) we didn't disrupt any game, 4) it was a day after night game, which Baroid usually takes off, so he wasn't playing. Ah, the backwash.


Blogger Vanilla Bullshit said...

OMFG, this is hilarious. Scruffy hippie! Scruffy hippie protests his dad! That's what it's all about. Dude you were looking all Kilroy there, hiding half your face under the sign. Be loud! Be proud! You're queer! You're here! I hate hate!

1:52 PM  
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