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Monday, May 15, 2006

I hate people

I just hate people. Don't like lawyers much either.
One 30-year-old woman, a resident of Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y., said she does not
see a psychotherapist but suffers from anxiety and abandonment issues and
learned about emotional-needs dogs from a television show. She ordered a dog
vest over the Internet with the words "service dog in training" for one of the
several dogs she lives with, even though none are trained as service animals.
"Having my dogs with me makes me feel less hostile," said the woman, who refused
to give her name. "I can fine people or have them put in jail if they don't let
me in a restaurant with my dogs, because they are violating my rights," she

There was an article in the Chronicle a while back about dog-shit park. So many people walk their dogs there that it is unfit for human beings. They were talking to this woman, who was letting her dog shit everywhere and not cleaning it up. Her response was, well isn't that someone else's job to clean it up. I am not doing that. I pay taxes.

God help the dog people if I ever get a terminal illness.


Blogger Vanilla Bullshit said...

"people walk there dogs there"

Now, you KNEW one of these was wrong, but figured, I'd rather be assured of 50% than take the gamble of going 0-for-2.

(That was for your lawyers comment).

As bad as this dog dynamic is, it is still not as terrible as smokers who flick their burning cigarettes out their car windows. There is at least a 40% I will die in a road rage incident related to some asshole flicking their cigarette out.

9:54 AM  
Blogger CalabazaBlog said...


8:52 AM  
Blogger TubaOnFire said...

That is a construct I understand. That error was just bad proofing, not taking the 50%.

You are right about the smokers. Smokers are far, far less than human. However, there is still one thing worse.


8:59 AM  

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