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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Reader Poll

No this is not one of those things where I ask you how much you make, so I can advertise here. Tomorrow, I will be going to the Giants game with my entire company. So, there is a chance that I will see baseball history. It is one of those strange things. I am not quite sure how to feel. I don't like Barroid much, and this is a totally false accomplishment. But, these things don't happen every day. Do I root for it to happen while I am there? Do I boo? Turn my back? Throw the ball back if I catch it (won't happen - not in the bleachers).

Chuck K. is really great.

It is pretty sad that the greatest athletic achievment I have ever seen was false. Ben Johnson's race was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in sports. He crushed Carl Lewis the way an older brother beats on a younger one. Crushing him, but letting him know that he wasn't even going all out and it could have been much worse. Johnson had his hands up for the last 5 meters or so and could have turned around to mock Lewis some. Lewis, whose time set a world record. I don't know if Johnson's illegitimate time would still stand as the record, but I never need to see another 100M. Chuck hit this point really well with Barroid.

Is there any wonder why we are so cynical?

Oh, yeah, the poll. So what would you do?


Blogger Vanilla Bullshit said...

I heard someone say on ESPN overnight radio that it's too bad it doesn't happen in Chicago so the fans could have 714 balls to throw back onto the field.

This is a nothing moment. There is nothing to feel. It isn't real, it isn't authentic. It isn't baseball history. It's Bonds and the entire city of San Francisco (which is a joke, by the way) versus everyone else.

To what human experience does it testify? The ability to not be able to surpass othe human achievement without scientific grotesquerie? Seriously, what's being celebrated? If anything, it celebrates how amazing Ruth and Aaron were. The supposedly best player of this generation can't touch them if he's on an equal playing field.

The bottom line is the last twelve years have proven my stance on baseball correct and fully justified. I love not caring. I love that the entire 98 thing was 100% bullshit, that the only way they could bring fans back was by staging a massive choreographed performance of bullshittery.

I think you should boo, if for no other reason than fuck those asshole SF fans who pathetically cheer him. What a joke. There's no integrity anywhere in the world. No integrity that won't be sold out for "my team." That is a sad statement on the human condition.

5:46 PM  
Blogger TubaOnFire said...

The blinders San Francisco has for him are amazing. I'll report how it goes. However, it is not a nothing moment in that (as Klosterman says) it captures our times so well.

8:35 AM  
Blogger Vanilla Bullshit said...

It is a moment that says, "Look at this bullshit we settle for... from our leaders, from our cultural icons, from ourselves."

We are living in the Lowest Common Denominator Era. Look at our politicians, our reality TV shows. We settle for anything, any product, because anything can be spun. Even our facts are LCD'd into mere opinions. You know, like how old the Earth is. Millions and millions or 6,000. It's all ok, it's all opinions. Let's have a TV segment on this, exploring the angles, including the angle about respecting everyone's beliefs.

10:49 AM  

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