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Sunday, April 23, 2006

I Hate Farmers

I hate farmers.

  1. I hate the whole farmers are some embodiment of goodness and morality. Where did this come from?
  2. Farms are serious polluters. The shit that washes into rivers and lakes from farms is really nasty.
  3. Farmers are notorious republicans. Big government seems to be no problem when it comes to tax subsidies.
  4. We are all supposed to feel bad about farms going under, but no one seemed to give a shit when steel imploded except Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen. And Trade with China has decimated a whole bunch of other industries and no one seems to care – not even Billy Joel.
  5. Whenever people talk about the estate tax, Bobby and Billy losing the family farm always comes up. Crap on a stick. Can’t tax the Hilton estate now.
  6. Daylight savings time.

Now here is the thing, someone once told me that we did daylight savings time for the farmers. Recently, I did hear it was to save energy during the war, but I already decided to blame the farmers and I am a decider. Now I really hate daylight savings time. Changing all the clocks is a bitch, but adding children to the mix makes it truly hateful. See, when you have a toddler, you live by routine. Toddlers need routine as the world is chaotic enough and someone is always dragging you to who knows where for who knows why and why the fuck can’t I put that in my mouth, you bitch. Anyway, we had our routine and life was good and we were maintaining sanity. Then the fucking farmers had to get up to milk the fucking cows and the routine is blown to hell. We are still fighting to get the BOH to be every night. Weren’t the farmers supposed to get up with the sun anyway? Fucking A.


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