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Friday, April 07, 2006

Jump Back and Let me Kiss Myself

I feel good. Something about this post has me feeling better than I have in a while about the state of our nation. When I see the cataclysmic stupidity and arrogance and being completly out of touch of the republican taliban, I realize their demise is a historic inevitibiliy. People progress. Yes, we are idiots, but we are less of idiots than we were 50 years ago. And 50 years from now, people will look back at this era and mock us – and rightfully so.


Blogger Vanilla Bullshit said...

Oh really?

11:02 AM  
Blogger TubaOnFire said...

Ok, we may have a nuclear war with Iran. That would be bad. So it is possible that total destruction of the species could lead to history not judging those who walk without a soul.

I just can't help but to giggle at the picture of, 150 years from now, kids will sit in some classroom studying this period trying to keep the failed war with Iraq straight from the one with Iran. And some kid asking - what the fuck was wrong with these people, why were they so stupid? Didn't they get it?

3:26 PM  

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