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Thursday, March 30, 2006

My Team Sucks

At some point in the future, I will be trying to start up a rusty chain saw, while my adversary aims a harpoon gun at my head in some hideous post-apocalyptic thunderdome. As the engine turns over and the crowd roars, I will wonder, how did we get here. The short answer will of course be, the republican taliban and their taliban-y counterparts all over the world. But some of the blame will have to go towards my side. See liberals are really bad at marketing themselves and their ideas to the masses. Great at preaching to the choir, but actually convincing someone on the fence (yes, I know it is incomprehensible how anyone can be on the fence) to move to their side.

Part of that problem is the crackpots. Somehow, the republican taliban is able to hide their crackpots better. Ours are out in the open. I am terrified of Oliver Stone’s 9-11 movie. Exhibit A. Now Mark Morford, basically has a blog in the Chronicle. He is in the entertainment section and just kind of rants. Sometimes funny, sometimes bleh. It’s the Chronicle, so it is never that good. Anyway, he is always liberal and gets tons of crazy wingnut hate mail, which is always amusing. But now, Mark is on the 9-11 was done by Dick Cheney crazy train. Ugh. This bugs me because ole Dick has plenty of crimes against America to nail him on, we don’t need to put on our tin foil hats to do it. What say we actually hold him accountable for the real stuff?

My favorite part of the ranting is how there is no way 19 guys could pull off 9-11. It was too complicated. Doesn’t seem like rocket science to me. Flight schedules are published in advance, its easy to smuggle a knife on a plane, and the protocol at the time was to go along with the hijackers. The expectation was that they would be flown to Cuba or something and there would be demands blah, blah, blah. That was the usual MO. The hard part is knowing how to fly a plane.

Simply put, the government is not competent enough to pull off some great 9-11 conspiracy. Have you been to the DMV? Planting bombs in the WTC. Yeah, no janitor is gonna find those? It’s not like you could do this with a hand grenade – you would need huge amounts of explosives. And there is no way you could keep all the people who would need to be involved silent. They can't keep it secret that they outed Valerie Plame. This is pure Protocols of Zion shit. So why are you bringing it up? This just makes it easy to dismiss you as crazy. Arrgh.

I remember during the protests before the Iraq war started, they interviewed this organizer of a march and he was so disappointed. He was a pretty moderate guy – may have even voted Bush in 2000. He thought the war was a damn fool idea and organized this protest/march. Well all the Free Mumia’s and the Justice for Palestine folks and then the stoners, anarchists and the rest of the usual suspects show up and turn it into a simple news bite for Fox – the SF hippies are at it again. Pay no attention.


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