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Friday, March 10, 2006

Church and State and A Dumbass (actually, a lot of them)

The Catholic Church in Boston will no longer do adoption services as the government will not allow the Church to discriminate against gays who want to adopt. Now, I think that stance is wrong. And I think that the Church has brass balls to take that stance, in Boston, where they molested scores of children. The idea that they would get on their high horse this is nuts. But hey, that’s the Church – terrified of gays under the bed or something. I mean, the Church is saying that they would rather discriminate than help abandoned kids. OK, now we know what you stand for. Fair enough.

So, the governor of MA is trying to file a bill that will allow the Church to discriminate, so they can continue adoptions.

Damnit. That pisses me off. See, separation of church and state is a wonderful thing. The state can’t force the church to do anything. Which is fair. But the church should not be able to dictate what the laws are. Romney, of course is caving like a total pussy.

See Milt, all this time, you let the Church do the state’s work and now it is biting you on the ass. How about the state stepping up to it’s responsibility for these abandoned children and doing the adoption work itself. What would it cost, couple of mil a year. That should be easy enough to find. So now we know what you stand for – not much. Don’t care enough about these kids to pony up the dough yourself. Don’t care enough about people’s rights to stand up to bigotry. What do you stand for? Getting elected, I guess.

I love this quote. Does he even think before he speaks?

"This is a sad day for neglected and abandoned children," Romney said in a
statement. "It's a mistake for our laws to put the rights of adults over the
needs of children."

Well, Milt here’s a suggestion for you. Sell all your stuff, your house, your car, everything. Take all your money, and give it to children’s charities. Heck, take all of that money that you have raised to get elected, give that to children’s charities. Actually, why don’t I just take it all. I mean, it’s just your right to the stuff. While I am at it, maybe I should enslave you to build better orphanages. You any good with a miter saw? Can I sell your kids to be Thai prostitutes and then donate the money they raise to UNICEF? Easy to give away someone else’s rights. Maybe a little harder when they are yours, shithead.


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