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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Starting to get the Cartoons - not the New Yorker ones

Now it is starting to make sense. Ghost Wars has taught me that all Islamic nations have a balancing act with religious extremists. They are a powerful movement in pretty much any Muslim country. They have a great ability to speak to the masses – particularly the down and out. Works here too. You need to keep the extremists around because they are a powerful weapon/threat to use. Pakistan has been using them in the Kashmir fiasco for a long time now. The hard part is keeping them just under control.

So with the great comic caper, it seems that there was a meeting in Mecca and the topic came up. Hey, this is a great tool. First, we whip up resentment against the West so people can forget how crappy a job we do at governing. Then, we can turn around and tell the West that they better watch what they wish for bringing democracy to the Middle East, cuz look out in the street my friends, this is what you will get. Brilliant.

Since the republican Taliban uses the same playbook, I am curious what our version of these cartoons will be – just in time for the ’06 elections. Does Michael Moore have a movie coming up?


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