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Thursday, February 02, 2006

I love you Chuck

And not Charles Schwab and his idiot commercials. Even with Tivo, I catch just enough of them to know that they are mind numbingly stupid. The only ones worse are the Citibank ones. ARRGH. "Save something for a sunny day" Arrggh. They are one of the US's largest banks and their marketing campaign is "There is more to life than money" Um, NOT IF YOU ARE A BANK YOU FUCKING MORONS.

Anyway, Chuck Klosterman is doing a Super Bowl Blog.


Have these wackmobiles never considered the integrity of blogging?

To become a pro football player (and particularly to become a superstar),
you need some inherent, ephemeral, wholly intangible quality that makes you
unlike conventional civilians. And I think I have deduced what that quality
is. Sensitivity. . . In order to be exceptionally unstoppable, you also need to be psychologically
immature; you need to be like a 12-year-old girl on

On that last one, does this mean that the Pakistani's have a tremendous football team? Actually, the cricket team is quite good. They have this really good bowler who's name escapes me.


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