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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Where do you get your news?

I generally get news from 3 places. In order:

Yahoo – home page. Generally has interesting lead stories and usually just the facts from the wires. The links often give you other perspectives and interesting stuff. Like for any Middle East article, they will often have links to an Israeli and Lebanese source.

TPM – best political blog out there. A great fact to opinion ratio. He was talking about Ambramoff for months before anyone.

NY Times online – I used to read the opeds. But, I am not paying the $40. I read less and less now, but sometimes they still have decent stories.

I will also read Kos and occasionally check out CNN. Although Kos not really for news.

Know where I never get my news. The newspaper. And if I were to get my news, the last paper I would get it from would be the SF Chronicle. Check this out: The Chronicle is doing a feature on the use of force by SF Cops. On Sunday, the front page had an enormous picture of this cop, Sgt. John Haggett. Only one problem, it wasn’t him.

How little pride do you have to put the picture of the wrong guy on the front page of the Sunday paper? It’s the front page. Sunday. And it’s a feature – you worked on this for weeks. If you can’t get that right, what do you get right? Note: I didn’t read the article and for all I know the article is 100% accurate. But I do know this, some editor is totally incompetent.

It's funny. The mainstream media has some legitimacy, but I have no idea why? Are they any more accurate than XYZ blog? Why the fuck not?


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