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Monday, March 13, 2006

On the street its probably 2-3 years

Ah, John Cheney is retiring. No, not Lon Cheney. I just saw him walking with the Queen. And not Dick Cheney.

Although, John could be a dick. Yeah, when he stormed into John Calipari's locker room and threatened to kill him. Yeah, that was kinda not cool. Or last year, when he sent a player into a game to break the arm of a guy on the other team. Kinda not cool.

So, he gets a puff peice from ESPN.

The highlight of the peice is how Wosdalfh;sdoijski, describes "one of the best college lectures I ever heard as undergraduate would come that day out of the visiting professor at Temple University, John Chaney." Umm, I guess that means that St. Bonaventure, well, sucks.

Here is my question, what does a sports figure have to do to get negative press. So far, the only recent sports figure who has paid any real consequences for his actions has been OJ. Oh yeah, and Rae Carruth. So, if you did not kill a woman who was either 1) white or 2) pregnant, it's all OK. Gotta wonder what would have happened if Rae was a better football player.


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