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Monday, March 27, 2006

Dear Washington Post,

I am available for your blogger position. Please see the sample of my work below:

Liberals eat babies and then have gay sex with each other. The only time they are not having gay sex is when they are intentionally getting pregnant so they can have abortions. Liberals love abortions. They hate everything about America, but love abortions. We should shoot them.

Hillary Clinton was responsible for 9-11. You notice she was not in the World Trade Center. She clearly did it because Vince Foster's suicide was not real and the evidence proving the Clinton's were involved was in the World Trade Center.

Michael Moore leaked information about the Iraq war to Saddam. They are both fat and probably gay. Clearly gay. And they both hate Jesus. Because of their gay, Jesus hating ways, we need to stay the course in Iraq. If we bring the solders home, it will empower the gay Jesus haters and then they will take over America. That is what the Democratic party stands for. If you vote Democrat in 2006, liberals will make it illeagal to go to church. Then, if you go to church, they will arrest you and take turns anally raping you in prison. That is what people like John Kerry and Al Gore are all about.

Liberals cannot understand that we are at war. We need to stop questioning the president and leave him alone to fight the war. The terrorists are everywhere. Working with the liberals, trying to kill us because they hate freedom. I mean, there could be a terrorist at the Starbucks, ready to blow us all up. The only thing between being blown up while waiting for my moca-latte is the strength and will of George W. Bush. And Dick Cheney. Can't forget Dick.

My rates are low. The work is original. Please let me know.


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