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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Get that knife away from my dick you lunatic

There has been much blogging on religion of late and I felt the need to share this story, which I originally got from my brother in law and then being part of the 4th estate, I needed confirmation – thank you MSNBC.


Needed to get that out.

Now, as you probably know, in Jews are circumcised at birth and since some Jews are, well nuts, the circumcision is not done in a hospital, by a doctor, but instead at home, by a mohel in a ceremony called a bris. (FYI, Microsoft hates Jews as neither mohel nor briss is recognized by spellcheck).

So, after cutting the dick, some Orthodox Jews will wash the wound with wine. Then, the idea is that the mohel will drink some of the bloody wine. Don’t ask me why. Anyway, most use a straw, but some apparently suck the blood and wine off well, how shall I say, directly.

This story tells of a child who died as he contracted herpes from said procedure.
I think we have a winner in the “Will do craziest shit because God said so” contest.


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