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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Keep on pushing my love, over the Borderline

Bush’s border bullshit is just that, bullshit. Everyone knows it. That is not newsworthy enough for a post. What is important is how the press is handling it. For the most part, the story is that this is a publicity stunt designed to rally the base as the poll numbers tend towards 30%. The story has changed (see next post). Could they get an aircraft carrier up the Rio Grande? By the way, Rio is one of the great songs of our time. Not as good as Hungry Like the Wolf, however.

Back to the border stunt. This is not going to fly real well for the taliban. I think Karl is distracted by the impending indictments. Yeah, it may rally some of the truly racist base, but this is not going to play real well with most of America. The republicans trade in fear: Big Bad Willie Horton, terrorists under the bed, gays kissing in the streets, Plan B based sex cults (more to come) AAAGGHHHHH. Run for cover! Problem is, Mexicans are just not that scary. Some family crossing the border to pick strawberries and clean houses just doesn’t trigger the old fight or flight response. I mean, the big rallies were all peaceful, normal folks milling around. Then they all went back to work the next day. You can smell the desperation. Smells like . . . Play Doh?


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