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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I would like to thank the Red Hot Chili Peppers for the post title. California does inspire lots of music. Quick shout out to TuPac for his California Love as well. Can’t forget Dre’s work on that. The D-R-E, a straight G, on a robbin’ spree.

The CA election was over; CA-50 went Republican, despite the Dukester. Ugh. First, it was not really that close, which makes me nervous because lots of liberal blogs etc. had it closer than it ended up. I worry that the perception that the country is gaining some sense is only one I have from where I spend my time. It is also very disturbing my team-ism for the voters of CA-50. The republican congressman got 8 years. That wasn’t enough for the party to lose the seat. Kos blames Busby for not being progressive enough and that the key is to mobilize the base. Not sure I agree. I am not sure how much of that is pandering to special interests. Also, I am sick of hearing about the base deciding to stay home. Am I supposed to accept that there were all these hard core progressives in San Diego who thought that it would be better for a republican to have the seat? It wasn’t worth it for them to vote? If that is so, we should all just go the fuck home because our team sucks. Our democracy is pretty fucked up.

Not as fucked up as my voting experience last night however. The whole cast of characters was there. We had totally ineffectual professor-type guy in charge. We had the angry woman getting into it with the librarian type who checks your name off the list. She was registered as peace and freedom and then wanted a Democratic ballot, which she couldn’t have. Then stormed out without voting. She was bat-shit insane. Then you have the homeless guy sleeping outside the bathrooms and the poor woman who wanted to use them. Ineffectual professor guy said he couldn’t keep an eye on the homeless guy while she was in the can. We also had the woman who cannot follow any instructions. The rules are for everyone else. She signed in, and then went back to her car for some reason. When she returned, she got herself ahead of this other woman – who was following instructions – claiming she was there first. So she goes to vote and, of course takes the other woman’s ballot. That takes 10 minutes to resolve. The polling place has 3 little cardboard booths. In California, we used to punch holes – but there were hanging chads. Then we did touch screens – but they had no paper trail. Now we use felt markers. Yes, I had to wait for a marker. Next year we will do our ballots with beads and felt. Wheels of democracy.

You have to excuse my bitterness as the main event in this election was between two serious douches. Westly and Angeledies spent the whole time attacking each other over really, really stupid shit. These guys are losers. That is all I can say. They are losers with no ideas. None. The kind of jagoffs who run for class treasurer in 6th grade and think it shows leadership. How the dominant party in one of the 10 largest economies in the world came up with these two, I will never know. Kos seemed to think and Angeledes was a tried and true progressive. Not sure what that means even. I do know this Angeldedss was Davis’s treasurer. Look at our credit rating and you will know all you need to know about him.

If the taliban ever really understood what happened in California and how Davis blew it here, and crafted a message they could sell to the rest of the county, the Dems would be competing for dogcatcher in Joliet, IL and that’s about it. Davis spent the surplus with no foresight into the fact that the bubble was going to burst. This expenditure bought very little for the average citizen of California. He did, however, reward many of his union supporters - say the Prison Guards. These long term deals continue to fuck the state's budget. He couldn’t have fucked up the energy thing more if he was trying to. He was not competent to govern. It is not that he was dull. Not that he was boring. Gray Davis was not smart enough to be the governor. Now his Treasurer wants to be governor. Crap on a stick. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to vote for him because of Arnold.


Blogger Vanilla Bullshit said...

Kos might be right about the not progressive enough, simply because while it is a Republican district, when only like 3% of the whole population is voting, if you can get just 30% of the progressive voters who inevitably DO live in the district to actually take the time out of their precious days to participate in some rudimentary way in their democracy, she wins.

Kos was also very vocal about Westly and Angelides being totally fucking awful, despicable and a disgrace. How that state is going to re-elect Arnold after where his numbers were a year ago is mind-boggling. WTF is wrong with California??? It should have like 30 people lined up to be star-quality candidates to run for any level of office. Anyway, if you read what he was writing about the race and about even the act of going over to vote being extremely unpleasant, he was completely with you on those two guys.

Major election reform is needed. There needs to be a way for people to be automatically registered - no mandatory voting is something I can understand, but no mandatory registration is mind-boggling. I cannot fathom that parties have to expend incredible amounts of money and energy evry election cycle just going around convincing people to sign up to be eligible to vote. That blows my mind, the wastefulnes of that energy.

What I want to see in the next 20-40 years is automatic mandatory registration, effortlessly transferable registration that intelligently knows that you're only registered in one place at a time, ultra-secure procedures for updating this list and not having the database fucked with by hackers... basically I want to be able to know that I map one-to-one with a number in a super-secure database for election purposes. That I can go into a polling place or to an ultra secure website and choose to vote in one jurisdiction and it's automatic. And the system, in real time, can tell whether I've voted anywhere else that day and if I have not allow me to vote.

Yeah, it would take a lot to build that kind of thing, but can you just imagine elections like that? Can you imagine what our country would be like if all the energy was spent focusing on the qualities and ideas of the candidates and nobody had to worry about being registered, which precinct, standing in lines, etc. If you're traveling or overseas or busy that day, you spend about 5 minutes voting on the internet or whatever. Your specific ID# info would have your street address which would automatically calculate all the elections you are supposed to vote in. That way if you're a black voter in Cleveland you go to the vote kiosk anywhere in the city, state, or country and verify it's you, and then your ballot gets recorded in the right precinct automatically. And then you have about twenty levels of safeguards for making sure it can't be hacked, stolen, whatever. That's what I want to see.

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