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Friday, June 16, 2006

Joe Liberman is stupid

What the fuck is this?

Bears? Bear cubs? This reminds me of one of the Reagan debates where he goes off telling some story about a bear. He was rambling like a drunken Charles and eventually got cut off. Mondale couldn't reply, he just sat there dazed, probably in terror that this incoherent loon had his finger on the nuke button. Reagan did a TV ad too, again with the bears.
"Well, bears never forget"
"One thing about cubs; they always do what they are told."

Isn't that elephants and I don't know, Arlen Spector? I know I could never serve in the House because those guys are serious idiots. Just being around them would be agonizing. But I always thought the Senate had a little higher level of intelligence. I was wrong.


Blogger Vanilla Bullshit said...

It is absolutely hysterical, that ad, on many levels. The most significant reason is fucked is you either (1) don't know who Lowell Weicker is in which case you're mystified and think Lieberman is retarded/on acid or (2) know who Weicker is and therefore already are already educated about this race to the point that this won't change your mind.

Meanwhile, the existence of the ad is being amplified in blogworld and universally mocked... so many people will not have seen the ad but will hear through the grapevine about something retarded Lieberman did that indicated he is really scared to lose this race. It all goes to the perception of who has Big Mo.

So Lieberman loses on all fronts.

The funniest thing I saw was someone collected a bunch of cartoon and different "famous bears" who "responded" to the ad. The one that made me truly laugh out loud was one especially goofy/cast of Rent-looking photo of the Chicago Bears doing the SuperBowl Shuffle and their "response" was in Shuffle-esque rhyme.

And the someone naturally linked to one of Colbert's threatdowns re: bears. They. Will. Kill. You. When that #1 threat was bears first started I thought it was kind of weak, and now I find it hysterical via repetition - he sets it up so that now when the Threatdown happens you can't wait to get to some rant against bears at #1. Not quite as funny as On Notice/Dead To Me. And this week's Gitmo "Formidable Opponent" was inspired. I am tangenting.

2:45 AM  

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