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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Baby, If You Ever Wondered

Wondered, whatever became of me . . .

Today, while walking to work, I see on the back of a bus, an ad for a radio station, KPIG. This reminded me of one of two WKRP episodes I remember. There was the turkeys and then this one (#21).

So, Dr. Johnny Fever and Venus Flytrap are on the air, doing a thing on drunk driving. There is a cop there, getting them drunk and then testing their reaction times. After 10-12 drinks, Venus is falling all over the place, but Johnny is not drunk at all. Johnny then goes to the can, where he sees the WPIG mascot (man in pig suit), repainting their wall. He comes back to the studio, admits that he is drunk, and then does even better on the reaction times test.

File this under things you could never do today.

In other news, we welcome CMM to the family. She will be known as the Oboe of Justice. This makes 4 of us in our merry band: Tuba on Fire, Smoldering French Horn, Bassoon of Hope and the Oboe of Justice.

OK, somehow the above reminded me of the worst experience I have ever had in a car. This includes 2 auto accidents, numerous tickets and driving accross Nevada with no AC. I am in the casual carpool in the back seat. NPR is on. They are talking about some fund raising dinner for Tom Delay. Then, they are all singing "If I had a Hammer." For whatever reason, NPR does not cut away or fade out for like 5 minutes. I had to listen to a room full of republicans - including one woman at the mike, sing folks songs. The horror, the horror.


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