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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


If I met the person who wrote this, I would pluck out his eyes and skull fuck him until dead. The WSJ will print anything on the editorial page. While a decent paper elsewhere, the editorial page of the WSJ is written by the soulless and the stupid. In other words Republicans. Those who put power over the protection of 16 year olds. Somehow, the douchebag who wrote this is trying to equate being gay with a 50 something year old Congressman IM’ing a 16 year old boy about his underwear. Somehow this is the liberals fault. Crap on a fucking stick.

The bankrupt ideology has run its course. You have nothing. Nothing. Your worldview is a heaping pile of shit on the side of the road. You and everything you stand for is a complete and total failure and everyone – even the electorate knows it. You are left with this. Sub literates desperately trying to salvage a dead movement through random attacks at various Boogeymen. If you weren’t so evil, I would almost pity you. It is over, thank God.

Well here is an equation for you. Republicans = Child Molesters.


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