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Monday, September 25, 2006

Why yes, I am ready for some football

There are some in the football watching/commenting community who will talk about how tough this guy is or that guy is and often will talk about some defensive player who is a tough guy. Quarterbacks are the toughest players, period. Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong. Those who say, they should put the QB in a skirt when anyone tries to protect them are as stupid as they are sexist.

One of the ESPN guys, Jason Whitlock, commented earlier that Chris Simms wasn’t tough enough because his dad was a pro-QB, so he didn’t have the hunger of insert some other guy here. Um, yeah, you got that right. They only had to take out his SPLEEN. Thankfully, Whitlock's regular beat is Kansas City, so civilized people do not have to endure his stupidity. This is one of my pet peeves. Sportswriters love to tell you why this team wins or that team wins or this player is great, or this guy sucks. Then, the second the facts change, new story. One minute Chris Simms is a pussy. In 6 weeks, when he comes back, spleenless, Whitlock will write how he is the toughest guy around – because of the toughness instilled in him by his dad.
It is thought the injury occurred in the second quarter. Simms took several hard
hits and left the game for two plays in the second half but returned to help the
Bucs take the lead in the fourth quarter. Simms also has bruised ribs.
Football is crazy.

The other crazy thing is that on a Sunday night, there is no real highlight show anymore to tell you what happened in all the games. I don’t have time to watch more than 15 minutes of football a week. So, I want to see a highlight show Sunday nights. Instead I get Sportscenter yammering about Golf and then a 20 minute NASCAR feature. To quote TMQ, “Ye, Gods”


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