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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Simple Question

Are the people of Virgina illiterate, racist, redneck trash?

We will find out soon enough.

My guess, probably.


Blogger Vanilla Bullshit said...

I think he's actually coming down in the polls a little. At least the perception is that since Macaca Webb has been closing. I think there's still plenty of racists around, but I also think that Virginia has more blue voters with each passing year. If the Webb campaign does some strong GOTV combined with some really strong targeting of that photo and what it means (i.e., the front page of DailyKos is not the only place they leave it), then Allen could lose this thing. However, it's an uphill fight and lots of people are racists there (I've met some) and some won't care enough for it to be the deciding factor of the vote.

5:29 AM  

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