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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I Take it Back, Jason

Jason Whitlock has become my new favorite sportswriter. Yes, I gave him a hard time in my last post, but now I hear that ESPN has fired him for criticizing Mike Lupica and saying

Part of the reason I was leaving Page 2 was because I was uncomfortable with
Page 2’s relationship with Scoop Jackson. Much of his writing is childish,
anti-white and a caricature of a negative black stereotype. I didn’t say it in
the blog interview, but it’s my belief that it is irresponsible for the World
Wide Leader to publish much of what Scoop writes.

Tremendous. Scoop’s idiocy can only be described as imagine if Steven A. Smith had a column. Lupica is a sad and bitter little man.

More from Whitlock:

I take being a journalist/columnist very seriously. To me, being a contract
employee for ESPN did not mean I’d surrendered my right to blast the World Wide
Leader in Sports for making the awful TV show “Playmakers,” employing as expert
analysts clownish buffoons with drug problems such as Rush Limbaugh and Michael
Irvin, and publishing the gangsta-posturing rantings of a poor writer.

Bravo, Mr. Whitlock. Bravo. I wish all journalists took their responsibilities as seriously. ESPN, you are idiots and asshats. You always pander to the absolute lowest common denominator. If you did a better job, you would be comfortable enough to endure some criticism. You lack confidence because your programming is crap and you know it. The firing of Jason Whitlock shows that you have no sack.


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