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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I feel pretty and witty and gay.

The world is a little bit better place today. It could be better, but it has been a hell of a lot worse. There are some disappointments. Yes, some people did vote for Macacawitz, and that lump of feces Corker won in TN. How does that happen? But, the country will be a better place.

Oh yeah, can we stop with the bi-partisanship crap? The taliban has bad ideas and are stupid. Why exactly do we want to include them in anything? They should get treated exactly like they treated us – like shit. Dennis Hastert can squeeze his fat ass into a broom closet for meetings. Oh and all those K-street firms who only hire taliban, yeah, your clients are now fucked.

The Dems need to have a list of 6-7 no-brainer bills in the house, lobbying reform, minimum wage hike, negotiating prescription drug prices, earmark reform, etc. They need to make these clean, simple, with no funky riders or anything. Then send `em to the Senate and Bush. The key here is to make McCain vote no on all of these. Which he will because he wants the 08 nomination and will pander to the right wing nutjobs to get it. You get to paint McCain as Bush III. He then has to campaign as the guy who wouldn’t raise the minimum wage or enact lobbying reform.

Another great thing is all the governorships. That means actual legitimate votes in 08. Wow, even black people may get to vote in Ohio.

Thanks to all the people on the ground, who made calls and walked precincts and made this happen. Smells like Victory.


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