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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Encyclopedia Brown Theory

We all remember the Encyclopedia Brown books. They kicked ass. The little mysteries that you would turn to page 73 to see how Encyclopedia Brown solved the case, with some help from his 12 year old Cleopatra Jones, Sally. I can’t wait for the Bassoon of Hope to be reading these. Of course, she will probably hate them and want to read Black Beauty 1,000 times.

Encyclopedia Brown solved all his mysteries the same way: someone would have some small lie in their statement, rendering everything else untrue – thus, he was the criminal.
"I was walking past the post office on Maple Street, when I saw the candy-store robber run away,” said Buggs Meany. “That is interesting,” retorts Encyclopedia Brown, “ Given that was at 3pm and Maple Street runs East-West and it was very sunny on Tuesday, there was no way you could see anything. Clearly, you shot JFK!! Take him away, Chief Brown."
Encyclopedia Brown theory is used at work all the time. I am not sure if this is a good thing, but it happens. You can’t foul up the little stuff. When you do, others question the accuracy of all your work. Similarly, there are no small lies. You are a liar or not.


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