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Monday, January 16, 2006

Part Two – More recruiting

The above story is particularly interesting to me because I had a little recruiting experience with LSJU as a student. Before my turn as a graduate student, I taught junior high in Oakland. The school was poor – both in who it served and quality. Anyway, I suggested the math club take a field trip to LSJU and take a tour, go up Hoover Tower and then attend the competition where the Engineering 101 students show off their projects.

A pretty good idea, no? Get some of the best students at an underprivileged school to check out Stanford and maybe get some excited about engineering or college or whatever. The Prof for Engineering 101 was totally into it. He sends me all this information and invites us to be right in front for the competition. I call the admissions office to ask about a tour. ~$35 for the group + ~1.50 each to go into the tower. Lunch in the dorms would be ~$8 each too. I mention the part about the poor minority students. No luck.



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