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Monday, January 09, 2006

Paging Mr. Nixon

More to come on this, but what we are starting to see is the Government is learning the tricks private industry has known for a while about databases. Previously, you could count on governement incompetance keeping you safe from government snooping. But I imagine that they are getting better at it. It is petrifying that the IRS can in 20 states, now only audit Democrats.

At times, when waiting on a 20 minute line to exchange money for various goods and services while a disinterested sales clerk reads People magazine, I will comment how the Communists must have won. Now I realize that the Communists may not have won, but the Soviets sure did.


Blogger Vanilla Bullshit said...

I showed the original Knight Ridder article to a someone who considers himself a) sane and b) conservative.

I told him to read the article and tell me it isn't fascism. He responded, "You don't blame Bush for that, do you?"

He said "We don't know if they were tracking dems."

I told him he was being willfully blind and that it was sad.

He says, all it says is they were tracking party affiliation and that they were trying to track republicans to fundraise.

I bring this exchange up to emphasize the severe disillusionment I feel when it comes to potential for accountability and ability to escape my-teamism. Because if this person is unwilling to acknowledge the obvious agenda and pattern and malignancy that is this imperial, secretive presidency, relentlessly assuming the benign and innocent explanation then we have zero shot at not being Rome at the dying end.

10:48 PM  
Blogger TubaOnFire said...

Well, now this person may be a little from column b), but not from column a.

I hate to even respond to his first pathetic response because it gives it some legitimacy. Also, I will try not to be insulting. It will be hard.

The IRS is in the business of collecting taxes. They are employed by the Federal Government, paid for by you and me. They should not be fundraising for the republican taliban party. I would prefer my tax dollars and my government not used to fundraise for republicans.

This is a perfect encapsulation of the problem. Its my government too. Even though my team lost the election, Its still my governement. Its still my country - our country too. The republican party, through winning some elections, does not get to do whatever it wants.

We will never have accountability and never escape my teamism. Here is why: republican's value their $300 tax cut from Bush more than our freedoms. They can't understand that they will ever use them. They think, I am not a gay pornographer who smokes weed and wants to get an abortion. I will be fine.

8:46 AM  

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