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Monday, November 21, 2005

A very Angry Email

Below is an email I sent to a buddy. To summarize, our institutions have failed us. We are fucked. We are fucked for the same reason most people are fucked. We are stupid.

Are you following this:

Rep. Murtha basically said that he was out on Iraq and he is a 30+ year Marine vet, conservative Democrat. He wants a reasonable timetable to get the hell out of there. So, the R's (after calling him treasonous and their usual shit), draft a resolution that says, "Let's leave Iraq today." They call it the Murhta resolution and refer to it as the Democratic resolution.
They have outsmarted the Dems here as the Dems can't vote for the cut-and-run bill as that is a damn fool idea. There needs to be some orderly transition - I think any reasonable person would say that. And the media - being lazy and stupid - will summarize this as "Some Dems want to cut and run, but most vote with the R's on Iraq." Then any future criticism of Iraq leads to flip-flopping.

Meanwhile, GIs are getting killed in Iraq. While our Congress is playing games. Mother fucking games. Fuck them. Fuck them so fucking hard.
What a national fucking tragedy and shame. Because America is dead. Dead. Our system of government does not work. It simply does not work. We have devolved to the point where all that matters is spin and talking points and 30 second sound bites to a media that is cataclysmically stupid and a population that is minimally aware. Our so called leaders pay no attention to governance and 100% of their time to fund raising, paying off donors and bamboozling the populace.

We have a tyranny of idiocy. A kelptocracy that only survives because of the incredible economic might that we have in spite of our idiot government.
Hope is a good thing. But hope, like America, is dead to me. I fear for my daughter's future. We have serious problems. Hard problems. I have no hope that they will be solved. Our enemies are smarter than us. Can you really believe that dipshits like John Conyers and Jean Schmidt (she called Murtha a coward or the floor of the house) can solve the problem of Islamic Extremism? The rise of China and India, Iranian nukes, Oil prices, health care costs, the strain on Social Security? And will Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean really solve them? Doubtful.

Learn Mandarin my friend, learn Mandarin.


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