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Monday, November 14, 2005

Great Sports Writing

OK everybody, go bookmark Thanks for the Own Goal. There will be some great, funny and insightful sports writing there. You will want to read this now – one day he will be huge and you will be glad you got in on the ground floor. Anyway, it was a tough week for Vanilla Bullshit as his lock didn’t cover. I however, picked the Broncos over the Raiders and was victorious. Now, I don’t know as much football as Mr. Bullshit, nor do I follow it as closely. So, what was my week 10 secret?

Football is really emotional to play – there is all the hitting and these guys must be sore as hell. Mental state is really important. You have to believe you are the better man. So picking against the Raiders – poor discipline, season going nowhere, few character guys - against a team with something to play for is never a bad idea. After they get down a few points, they are just ready to go home. Sure enough – that’s what happened.

Hmm, things going poorly for folks with bad character. Sounds familiar.

OK, maybe that was too linky. The GOP is getting rolled like the Raiders.


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